Italy is a miraculous place that I hope someday I will be able to visit.

Italy is located in southern Europe; it is shaped like a high-heeled boot kicking a “triangle”

There are a lot of boats in Italy. Public transportation is by boat. The vaporetos operate like public buses and there are water taxis.

Italy has the most incredible and amazing beaches ever.

Rome is the capital of Italy and it is also the base of the Christians everywhere.

Italy is an incredible metropolis, full of magnificent culture barely credible, unbelievable city, unimaginable country .My dream is to someday have the pleasure to visit this mind-blowing conurbation.

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                                                                                   Student:   Geovanna RIKALLAH

                                                                                                      1st Secondary “A”

                                                                                             Teacher: Mrs. Rola Elias.


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We all have a summer holiday, no more working, no more school, just fun and laugh. In my summer holiday, I prefer to discover the world and different places so I decided to go to Montenegro the country of marvelous views and landscapes.


 Montenegro is, along Croatia and Albania, one of the gems in the Adriatic Sea and among the top 10 Eastern European destinations to visit. Montenegro boasts a wealth of historical influences such as Romans, Serbia and Turks.   

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Kotor is first on my list of places to visit in Montenegro because of amazing views from the castle fortress and to appreciate the natural beauty of the Gulf of Kotor.

And there are many different places to visit in Montenegro like: purest, Budvase and Herceg Novi.

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You can practice many different sports in Montenegro such as: biking, hiking, swimming and cannoning



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Malek  BOULOS. 

1st Secondary “A” 

Teacher: Mrs. Rola ELIAS.