Cycle 2 archive 2013-2014

Clown August

clown auguste (1).JPGOn Monday, the 24th of February 2014, the Young Girl of Lebanon’s School Hosted “Clown August” as part of the spiritual and recreational activities. “Clown August” presented a distinctive show to Cycle 2 students and they were very happy.


irap prim (1).JPG

Students of Grade 6 hosted members from IRAP’s association on Friday, the 21st of February 2014. The meeting was very interesting, during it our students presented gifts to the members and they had a great time filled with Joy and Happiness.


caritas (1).JPGStudents of Grade 5 visited “Caritas” on Monday the 17th of February 2014. The students met the children with special needs and gave them gifts, and had some educational events together.

 Christmas Choir

recital noel (1).JPGFor the Christmas Festivities, students of cycle 2- at the Social Welfare of the Young Girl of Lebanon presented a choir, on the 20th of December 2014, with the presence of the director Sr Mona-Marie BEJJANI, the nuns, the parents and the teachers.

Students sang beautiful songs and hymns in three languages: Arabic, French and English.

During the Choir, students presented some spiritual activities related to The Annunciation of Mary and the biography of Wadih Al Safi.

“chou fi bel jazire”

DSC08701.JPGThe foundation of the Young Girl of Lebanon – Beit Habbak/Jbeil – welcomed a group of comedians who presented a play named “chou fi bel jazire” directed by the actor Nazih Youssef. Cycle 2 students’ assisted to the play which addresses the problem of waste accumulated in the island, and trying to find adequate solutions to this problem. This subject has been treated in a comical way, until finally they aim to recycle waste and it was the most appropriate solution that met their decision to leave the island

Happy Birthday Monseigneur

 Among the Para scholastic activities, a group of Holy Child Missionary visited the Founder Father Monseigneur Emile Geara on Thursday the 16th of October 2013 to wish him a happy birthday and a long blessed life. They also promised him to be faithful to their emblem carrying the Holy Eucharist everyday as the source of nourishment and energy. At the end, a cake was cut in this occasion. 

Holy Child Missionary Mass

DSC07998.JPGFor the beginning of the scholastic year 2013-2014 and the International Week of Missionaries, the students of cycles 1 and 2 participated in Holy Child Missionary Mass which was celebrated by Father Paul karam on Tuesday the 22nd of October, 2013. During the mass, the members of the Child Missionary renewed their promise and vow. At the end, the Grade 3 students presented a gesticulate prayer. 


DSC08844.JPGOn the 21st of November 2013, students of Cycle 2 celebrated 3 festivities: Independence, the Presentation of Virgin Mary and the Foundation of the Young Girl of Lebanon. The students presented spiritual, artistic and poetic activities in the presence of Monseigneur Sami Hayek. The festivities were closed with a historical story of the Independence