Kinder Garten 2012-2013

The “education motrice” 

         The “education motrice” helps the students to write, think and recognize his place in any space. The parents of KG students assisted to a session concerning this topic, in order to know how their children act and use their bodies to show what they think and feel. They took a very clear idea about this great activity

The procession                                                                        27-3-2013

Procession pres (1).JPGOn the occasion of the Holy week, the KG students participated to the procession at the closed playground. They felt and knew what Jesus Christ suffered to raise us up with him in his resurrection.


                                                                                                                   Happy Easter!

Open class                                                                                19-3-2013

          The parents of the KG1 and KG2 students assisted to the open class! They spent three hours in each class to watch the methods and activities that the children practice in class every day.

           Then, the psychologist and coordinators asked the parents for their collaboration in order to get better results.

Christmas                                                                                20-12-2012

noel pres 2.JPGOn the Christmas occasion, the 3rd secondary students, dressed up as Santa Claus, celebrated Christmas with the KG students. They danced and played together. At the end they offered them gifts and sweets.

Doctor Colette AOUN 

Doctor Colette AOUN is one of the inventors of the French books used in our college. She visited the KGs to observe the method of education, in the presence of Mother Laure Trad, the responsible of the cycle and the coordinator. Then, she talked to the teachers and felicitated them

St Barbara.                                                                               3-12-2012

            St Barbara’s day was very special for the children. The teachers told them the story of St Barbara using the L.C.D. The students were so much interested so that they asked many questions. They danced and sang many songs.


Independence                                                                          21-11-2012

Indep pres (1).JPGDuring the Independence Day, the students walked to the rhythms of the national anthem carrying with them the DIY that they prepared in class. They also presented roses to the soldiers.

First day at school                                                                         24-9-2012

Rentree pres (1).JPGThe beginning of the year was very special! Our little children spent their first day at school with their mothers and teachers; this gave them strength and support. Everybody participated to the activities prepared by the teachers and coordinators, especially the mothers who played the role of a teacher, which made the students feel that the teacher is another mom.