Cycle 2 2012-2013

Children helping Children

With the end of the academic year, and at their last meeting for this year, members of missionary children at the school of the Young Girl of Lebanon celebrated a final meeting, and they launched summer activities among Nationals.

Goodbye Journey

Students of grades 5 and 6 spent at the end of this year a fun day with their teachers at St Charbel-Annaya.

First, they assisted together to a mass, then they took lunch and had fun at Mountazah Restaurant-Annaya.

It was a great day. See you next year 


Myryam cycle 1 (3).JPGStudents of cycle 1 and 2 and their teachers went on Monday, 18th February to Jal El Dib to assist to a play titled “MARIAM”. Students were very excited; they enjoyed the show and also learned lot of important things.


Himaya cycle 2 (3).JPGStudents of Cycle 2 welcomed “HIMAYA” program last week. The session was very fruitful; it talked about the internet and how to be protected from its danger. And also how to react when we access an incorrect website or we read incorrect information.


Irap (1).JPG On the 12th of February 2013, a group of children from IRAP’s school came to visit us. Our students were very excited. At the beginning, a teacher at IRAP’s school recounted the story of the students and the association. It is a school that takes care and teaches deaf and mute children. Our students were very interested; they enjoyed and learned from IRAP’s students some moves of the sign language. At the end, all students exchanged chatter and grades 5 and 6 gave IRAP’s students presents and souvenirs.


cendre cycle1 (1).JPGOn the 11th of February, students assisted to a very fruitful Mass. It was Ash Monday. We all prayed together for god to protect us and lead us to the right way.

Educational Project - for the first semester 2012-2013

Noel cycle 2 (1).JPGChristmas festivities at The Young Girl of Lebanon are always special. Like every year, the educational project gave a wonderful character by diving in depth and living the faith of the word through planting bonds of love and more humanitarian assets depth.

                                                                                                                             Merry Christmas.

Framework of spiritual activities for the year 2012-2013

100_6667.JPG In the framework of spiritual activities for the year 2012-2013, students of grade 6 visited the Bible association in Sabtieh , on Tuesday and Wednesday, the 4th and 12th of December 2012. During the visit, the students recognized the Holy Bible through advanced techniques and shed light on the ancient printing ways. This activity had great echoes among students

Missionary Childhood 2012-2013

005.JPG On Thursday, the 25th of October 2012, the students of the young girl of Lebanon - Cycle 2 celebrated the beginning of the scholastic year 2012-2013 and the mission week by a Mass led by Father Paul Karam. After the Mass there was a presentation of last year activities and some students shared their stories about living the joy of giving after joining the Missionary Childhood. 

First Rate Students 

IMG_0718.JPGThe School Administration honored as every year her well distinguished and excellent students for the scholastic year 2011-2012 on Wednesday 24th of October, 2012 with the presence of their parents.

     There was a special gesture from the administration and the Teachers committee for the remarkable student Jad YAMMINE (S3SE) who got outstanding grades in the Lebanese Official Baccalaureate and ranked 1st in Mount Lebanon district.


Parents Meeting

reunion (4).JPGThe parents of the Primary, Intermediate and Secondary cycles accepted the invitation that the administration has addressed for the beginning of the Scholastic year 2012-2013 meeting.

      After the National Anthem and School Anthem, the school director Sister Mona-Marie BEJJANI did a speech that was distinguished on both the pedagogical and spiritual views.

    The meeting included the following issues:

1-A lecture done by Mrs. Celina SALIBA (School Psychologist) about the Internet both advantages and disadvantages.

2- The word of the Pedagogical and Educational Bureau was stated by Miss Leila COMAIR who emphasized on the importance of time and organization.

3- The word of all the cycles responsible was done by Mrs. Darine SAADE that focused on the school regulation system and its application.

The meeting ended in a prosperous way and parents had the chance to ask questions about different issues concerning their children.