Alumni Committee

         White-FLAG-CJFL.jpgAmong the pedagogical message and values of our school and its objective of always looking after her students in their future aspects, helping and assisting their projects in order to achieve their goals and fulfill their dreams, the administration established an alumni  committee.


             This committee participates in all scholastic activities and occasions. 

            The alumni committee of the College of the Young Girl of Lebanon convened  in school premises. During this meeting, the election of new members of the alumni committee took place.

President of the committee: Mr Elie Tannous

Vice president: Mrs Hanadi El Kadi

Treasurer: Miss Jennifer SALIBA

Secretary: M. Jad YAMMINE & Miss Sabine HOYEK

Responsible of social & cultural affairs: Miss Mira ABI HANNA

Responsible of sports affairs: M. Rami YOUSSEF

Adviser: M. Tony IBRAHIM

Facebook :Amicale-des-Anciens-CSMS-Beit-Hebbak