During the second trimester of the academic year 2011-2012, the school library of the College of the Young Girl of Lebanon moved to a very large place to answer the 3 axes of the establishment project: promote oral language, communication and the enlargement of school building. 

            On a surface of 200m2, the new media library will have 16 000 books (documentaries and fiction books), a variety of magazines, many CD and DVDs. Five computer desks will be put to help students with their researches. 

           All documents in the media library will be up to dated using for the 4th year the library’s software which contains a search engine. 

          The new media library will receive all students in primary, intermediate and secondary cycles for researches and borrowings, as well as all teachers in school. 

                                                                              Librarian: Mss Abir Salloum Khoury



Library rules

1- Stop talking aloud


2- Throw chewing gum before entering to the library

3- Take place silently


4- Lift hand for permission to talk

5- Read or work silently without disturbing others

6- Put back all documents to their places


7- Respect the library staff

8- Do not eat or drink in the library

9- Pay attention to all materiels and books in the Library

10- Respect others work

The library of the School of the Young girl of Lebanon is a privileged place in the heart of the pedagogical project and the establishment project.

In fact, the school library is a resourced place in the establishment:

It hosts many students and all the educational team in different corners:

-         Research corner: where all the students can do their researches

-         Reading corner: it contains many books (stories, novels, albums and comics) in three languages as well as many magazines.

-         Multimedia corner: many computers with internet access and printer access are put for students to do their projects and researches with the librarian help and permission.

-         Pedagogical corner: it hosts a group class with their teacher for activity work in the library.

Librarian: Mrs Abir Salloum Khoury.