Students' Discipline

“Therefore you shall be perfect, just as your Father in heaven is perfect.”(Mathew 5:48) 

1- Registration:

       The student is registered by his parents or legal guardians. The parents as well as the student read the regulations and sign it together like any other form of contract between two parties for the service of human being.

2- School regulations:

A-  Respect for school time :

  • The school doors are opened at 7:30 am
  • The bell rings at 7:50 am
  • At any delay, the student isn’t accepted in class unless with a written permission given by the cycle responsible.
  • The student’s absence is justified with a written paper signed by his parents or a medical report (The parents should notify the administration the same day their child is absent). 

B-   School tasks:

  • The student should write daily all his lessons and homework on the agenda.
  • The parents should keep an eye on their children’s work and maintain communication with the school.
  • The student should have all the necessary requirements needed for his scholastic year.
  • The student should do all the exams and tests (General Average to succeed is 10/20) and any cheating attempt might lead to getting a zero on the exam.
  •  The student’s absence during tests or exams is justified only with a medical report. 

C-   Behavior:

  • Respect for others: The student should respect all school members and staff and to avoid physical violence, rude behavior and impolite words.
  •  Respect for others’ properties: Any sabotage will lead to take severe measures in addition to compensate the harm done.
  • Walking around in school premises:
    - It is always through a written permission signed by the cycle responsible.
    - All the students should head to the playground during recesses and they are not allowed to enter Teachers’ Room and the classes.
    -The permission is given by the teacher in class.

D-  Use of collective and individual means of transportation:

  • The students are not allowed to change their bus unless given a written paper from their parents and signed by the administration.
  • To maintain calm and cleanliness inside and outside the school bus (for the safety of the students).

E- School uniform: All the students should wear the school uniform.

F- Copyright and publication:

  • It is forbidden to distribute any paper without the administration approval.
  • It is forbidden to discuss any political issues inside the school premises.
  • It is forbidden to possess all the non-scholastic requirements (jewelry-camera-etc…)

G- School security:

  • The student stays under the school responsibility from 7h30 am till 2h30 pm.  In case there was an activity outside this time, then the administration will notify the parents through a written note.
  • The accidents that happen during school time and inside school premises are covered by the insurance company.
  • A medical examination is done at least one time in a year by the school doctor for the sake of the students’ health.

H-  Parents- School relationship:

  • The school director, cycle responsible or teachers meet parents according to a specific schedule and on a previous appointment.
  • The parents should follow up their children’s scholastic work throughout the whole year and they have to participate in all the occasions that happens in school to maintain a close contact and bond between each other.

I- Personal hygiene and students’ health:

In order to preserve your children’s health and personal hygiene you should follow these steps:

  • Daily bath and to change underclothes and socks.
  • Washing the hair without dyeing it. 
  • Clipping nails without putting any nail polish.
  • Never send them to school in case of sickness (especially contagious diseases).
  • Notify the cycle responsible about their health situation to monitor them. 

3-  Mobile phone:

  It is restricted and forbidden to use and have a mobile phone inside the school premises (class-playground-bus…..). In case it was found it will be taken and never given back.

4- School contract between the student and the administration:

A- Student’s Penalty: In case the student has done irregularities, he will be sanctioned according to what he has done and this could lead to be expelled permanently from school.

B- Disciplinary Board: It consists of the school director, cycle responsible, chaplaincy responsible, psychologist, president of Teacher’s committee, president of Parent’s committee, class teacher, student and his parents. The board meets to discuss student’s unacceptable behavior towards the school regulations in order to take specific measures.

C-The school director has the right to veto these decisions according to specific educational circumstances.