Teachers' Guidance

My beloved students…..

You have tomorrow, drink it even if it is bitter…… because soon it will turn into honey.

You have the glory, so strive for it even if it is full of obstacles……..At the end, eventually, you will reach the vast green plains.

You have the dawn, so wait for it in patience……no matter how long the night is the morning light will rise.

You have the deaf mountain summits, even if they were eagles’ nests…….You are all eagles what is only missing are the wings of faith.

You have the life, even if it is full of sepulchers ……. Whoever thinks that the sepulcher is the end of the dreamers…Teach them that it is the resurrection of the worshipers.

You have the vast space, even if many wept and barked around you… the dark coveys will not stand as obstacles in front of your dreams and motivations.