Missionary Group


The Holy Child Missionary was established in the College of the Young Girl of Lebanon in 2008. It had students from Grades 5 and 6.

The Holy Child motto is: “Children help other children”. In our school, we expanded this motto into children helping other people like the elderly, those with special needs and sick ones.

As a result of all the efforts that have been done, there are now around 50 members who do various activities such as visits to the parishes during Christmas and Easter.

The members of the Holy Child Missionary meet every 15 days with their responsible. During this meeting, they read chapters from the bible and explain them, preparation of the activities and learning a song or watching a spiritual movie.

The Youth Missionary was founded as a continuation of the Child Missionary in Intermediate and Secondary classes.

The members of the Holy Child Missionary are always ready to spread love and help othersDSC01529.JPG