Complementary cycle 2012-2013

The Renewal of Baptism

renouvellement (1).JPGOn Friday 8th of March 2013, the students of grade 8 in the College of the Young Girl of Lebanon celebrated the renewal of Baptism vows in Mgr Sami El Hayek’s Hall. The students’ parents assisted the service and drank at the end of the ceremony a toast with their children.

Ash Monday

lundi cendres C3 (1).JPGOn the occasion of Ash Monday, the 11th of February 2013, the intermediate and secondary students attended Mass given by the missionary, Father Malek Bou Tanios, who asked the students to live this Lent with the heart and soul, by living through prayer, lent and good deeds.

Independence Day

100_6402.JPGThe students celebrated Independence Day on Monday the 19th of november, 2012 through many artistic and national shows. The celebration was ended with a spectacular demonstration of the Rangers Troop of the Lebanese Army. Finally the students presented red roses to each member of the army.

Catholic Media Exposition

045.JPGThe Grade 8 students visited the Catholic Media Exposition in Antelias on Wednesday the 14th of October, 2013.

     It was a beneficial visit because they had the chance to buy books and to meet “Himaya association” which stresses on youth awareness against internet and its various dangers.

The opening mass of the scholastic year 2012

100_6127.JPGThe College of the Young Girl of Lebanon celebrated the beginning of the Liturgical year with a mass headed by the Bishop Michel Aoun. The mass was followed by an honoring of his excellence Sami El Hayek as recognition for his generous giving; then the curtain was removed off a panel bearing the name “Monsignor Sami El Hayek Hall in 6- 11-2012”. Later a competition in catechism was held where prizes were given to the winners.

First Rate Students 

    IMG_0709.JPGThe School Administration honored as every year her well distinguished and excellent students for the scholastic year 2011-2012 on Wednesday 24th of October, 2012 with the presence of their parents.

     There was a special gesture from the administration and the Teachers committee for the remarkable student Jad YAMMINE (S3SE) who got outstanding grades in the Lebanese Official Baccalaureate and ranked 1st in Mount Lebanon district.

Parents Meeting

reunion (2).JPGThe parents of the Primary, Intermediate and Secondary cycles accepted the invitation that the administration has addressed for the beginning of the Scholastic year 2012-2013 meeting.

      After the National Anthem and School Anthem, the school director Sister Mona-Marie BEJJANI did a speech that was distinguished on both the pedagogical and spiritual views.

    The meeting included the following issues:

1-A lecture done by Mrs. Celina SALIBA (School Psychologist) about the Internet both advantages and disadvantages. 

2- The word of the Pedagogical and Educational Bureau was stated by Miss Leila COMAIR who emphasized on the importance of time and organization.

3- The word of all the cycles responsible was done by Mrs. Darine SAADE that focused on the school regulation system and its application.

The meeting ended in a prosperous way and parents had the chance to ask questions about different issues concerning their children.