Preschool Archive



         The nursery and KG1 students watched "oui oui" film while KG2 watched the "Schrtomph".It was an interesting activity and children were so happy. 

           At the end they ate popcorn.

 Mother’s Day

           On the occasion of Mother’s Day, the preschool cycle organized a pedagogical day for mothers. Every mother was responsible about a group of children. She did the following activities: sports- coloring- tutoring- craft- music- catechesis and other things. Then Mrs. Celina Dagher school psychologist explained about child’s development from 3 to 5 years.

          Finally, the students sang songs, danced and read poems for their mothers. 

 Pedagogical project (KG1)

DSC01250.JPGThe KG1 students exposed their pedagogical project “the princess and her white teeth” through a story that explains about the mouth and teeth, naming dentist tools, how to clean and brush our teeth, what I should or shouldn’t eat. Finally they presented a dance in the presence of Sr. Mona-Marie (school principle) and French coordinator.


Pedagogical project (Nursery)

DSC01232.JPGThe nursery students exposed their pedagogical project “Nabil is afraid” through a theatrical scene, dance and song. It was in the presence of French coordinator and cycle responsible.




DSC01290.JPGOn Friday 23, 2011, the Nursery students exposed their pedagogical project “Peace Guardians” in class. As for the KG1 and KG2 students, they presented their project on stage through a song, a story and a theatrical play about Christ’s birthday in the presence of the school director              Sr. Mona –Marie, parents and the responsible of the preschool cycle. 

Ghinwa Play

DSC01812.JPG Bags on our backs and hats are on our heads, we are ready to go students, teachers and preschool responsible to La Cite Theater to watch a play “Ghinwa and the train”. It was a nice day



Saint Barbara’s Day 

          On the occasion of Saint Barbara’s day, the preschool students watched a puppet show about St. Barbara’s story. It was a nice spectacle. The students loved it and at the end the teachers distributed boiled wheat for all the children.

At the beginning of the scholastic year, a parents meeting took place at the department of kinder Garden.

DSC00975.JPGThe director wished the parents a good scholastic year.Later, the responsible of the cycle talked about the school discipline , the psychologist explained how “our children are kings”, and the french coordinator explained the methodology of dealing with kids


The first Day

DSC00976.JPGThe first day at kinder Garden is usually difficult for the children.

It’s their first time away from their parents. However , the teachers and the pop corn …. made them happy